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Carp Bivvy Reviews

There are many different types and brands of carp bivvy on the market so if you're unsure on what to look for, the best place to start would be our article on choosing the best carp bivvy. It's packed full of useful advice to make sure you get the best bivvy for your fishing.

With years of angling experience, we know what makes a great carp bivvy and having owned plenty ourselves, we’ve got a good idea of what to look for when buying a carp bivvy for the first time or upgrading for the season to come.

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Choosing the best carp bivvy

Choosing The Best Carp Bivvy For Your Fishing

Researching the best carp bivvy for your fishing will save you time and money. Read our top 5 tips for choosing the best carp bivvy and discover the key facts you need to know so you can choose the best carp bivvy for your angling. We'll cover:

    - How often do you go carp fishing?
    - What is your budget?
    - Water resistance/material
    - Carp bivvy size
    - Carp bivvy weight

    What is a bivvy?

    A bivvy is a temporary shelter used by anglers when fishing at a carp fishing venue. While bivvies and brolly systems come in all shapes and sizes, their main function is to keep the angler warm and dry. They also provide somewhere to keep carp fishing gear whilst fishing.

    The history of the bivvy goes back hundreds of years and the term was originally used to describe the temporary shelters that soldiers would make whilst out on exercise. During the 1970’s the first ever carp bivvy was created in the style of a brolly system and hence the bivvy was born!

    - Carp bivvies first came about in the 1970's

    - They provide shelter for day session and overnight fishing

    Since the 1970’s bivvy technology has come on greatly and there are many different brands out there. Carp bivvies such as the Trakker Tempest V2 use futuristic materials whereas some provide a great entry level option like the Cyprinus Carpstar Please Dome. When choosing the best carp bivvy for you, consider these important points.

    choosing the best carp bivvy

    Choosing the Best Carp Bivvy or Fishing Shelter

    How often do you go carp fishing?

      This helps you to decide on other factors such as size and price. If you plan on going every weekend then we suggest looking at the higher end of the market and buying something like a NASH TITAN 2. It will last longer and it’s packed full of useful features. If you’re a casual angler or just starting out, we recommend a more budget brand such as Cyprinus. The quality is still great however spending more on bait and terminal tackle will catch you carp, not spending £££’s on a bivvy!

      What is your budget?

      A basic brolly shelter will come in at around £75 and a bivvy will be around £120. If you plan on doing day sessions then a brolly is definitely the way to go. If you’re going to do overnight sessions then you are more suited to a bivvy. A mid range carp bivvy will set you back anywhere between £200 and £350. These are perfect for when you are looking to upgrade your old bivvy and are well worth the money. The material tends to be more hard wearing and there are many more features such as removable side panels.

      Our pick of the mid ranges bivvies for 2017 is the FOX Royale Classic 2 Man Bivvy. If you plan on fishing in Europe then the best carp bivvy to choose would be a euro style bivvy such as the Trakker Tempest V2 Bivvy System. Bivvies like these are used by many pro anglers and can come in at over £500!

      Water resistance/material

      The seams of any waterproof fabric are always the weakest point, as the stitching creates thousands of minute punctures in the fabric. The best carp bivvies have taped seams to ensure that no water can get in. Water resistance is measured in mm and rated by a system called hydrostatic head (Read 'Hydrostatic Head Explained' here). For any fabric to be considered waterproof, it must have a hydrostatic head of 1,000mm or greater.

      To ensure there is as little condensation as possible, choose a bivvy that’s made from a breathable fabric such as 210D Nylon. Most mid range bivvies will use breathable material and all of the top end bivvies will certainly use it too. On a dry night in the summer, condensation won’t be too much of a problem but in the winter when it’s warm inside your bivvy and freezing outside, you’ll start to get build ups that you’ll definitely want to avoid.

      Will you be fishing alone?

      The best carp bivvies on the market will come in a 1 or 2 man version. If you’re fishing alone then a 1 man bivvy will give you more than enough space for all of your carp fishing gear. If you plan on taking a friend or partner then we recommend purchasing a 2 man bivvy such as the Adobe Duo 2 Man Pram Hood Bivvy System. Carp brolly systems tend to only be suitable for one person due to the compact design.

      Bivvy Weight

      Modern bivvies are designed to be as light as possible and most websites will specify the weight. Make sure you buy a bivvy that is manageable. Anything between 3kg and 10kg will be more than okay to carry. If you buy anything bigger then consider purchasing a carp barrow.

    choosing the best carp bivvy

    Different Types of Carp Fishing Bivvy

    There are two main types of carp shelter, the carp bivvy and the carp brolly system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so we’ll take you through the key points of each type.

    Carp Bivvy

    A carp bivvy will cover you in all fishing situations. We would describe them as the ‘complete shelter’ because you can completely close them up when you’re sleeping at night. Most are made from strong, breathable materials and can be used all year round.

    - Most carp bivvies come with an overwrap

    - Suited to most fishing situations

    - Often bigger than carp brolly systems

    Many carp bivvies also come with the option of buying an overwrap. This is an extra layer of material to keep in the heat in winter and eliminate condensation. There are many offers out there for bivvy and overwrap packages such as this one from Prologic.

    A disadvantage of a bivvy is that due to their size, they can be difficult to fit into tight swims, especially if they are overgrown or unmarked. As brolly systems are smaller, they are more suited to this type of fishing and enable you to potentially gain an advantage by fishing in swims that fish aren’t used to being caught from.

    Prologic Firestarter 1 Man Bivvy + Winter Overwrap
    Prologic Firestarter 1 Man Bivvy + Winter Overwrap

    Carp Brolly System

    As we’ve mentioned, carp brolly systems tend to be smaller than bivvies and this certainly has its advantages. They tend to be lighter, easier to carry and are quicker to put up. If you fancy a move to a different swim then your brolly will be down is seconds!

    - Brolly systems are generally smaller than bivvies

    - Lighter to carry

    - Easier to put up

    - Ideal for short sessions

    Brolly systems are mainly used for day sessions and will protect you from the sun and from light showers. They are usually cheaper than bivvies and are a great choice if you are just starting out. The best carp brolly systems come with an option to buy an overwrap or a zip on front. This allows you to completely cover the front at night time or if the weather is particularly bad.

    In reality, brollys are smaller than bivvies so space is at a premium, especially as the supporting spokes are on the inside. Don’t let this put you off though. Brollys like the Fox Royale 60" Brolly System provide all the space you need for short sessions on UK banks.

    Carp Brolly Fox Royale Review

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